For Students

You have goals, but sometimes they can feel daunting. You have a dream school, but you only have 24 hours each day to study, volunteer, and enjoy time with family and friends. Below, I hope you will enjoy reading high-yield tips for making your dreams more achievable.


Tip #1

1) Make electronic flashcards on your phone. If you have a few spare minutes (waiting for a ride, to board an airplane, or waiting for a friend, etc.) then skim through them. 
2) Audio record your notes onto your phone. You can listen to them if you’re driving, walking, or on an airplane. 
3) Color code your notes to help highlight information you don’t understand. That way, if you have a small window of time to study, you can hit the high-yield areas for improvement. 
4) Study with classmates and practice explaining concepts to each other, even if you think they already understand. If you can communicate and teach another person, you’ve achieved a high level of understanding. 
5) Study a little bit each day. Don’t let it pile up until the last minute! Make it a ritual before dinner or evening television.


Tip #2

Go above and beyond. Show up early. Take on a few extra tasks or projects that positively impact your school, club, or volunteer organization. By remaining positive and accomplishing the tasks that others are unwilling to do, you’ll establish yourself as an asset. 
For example, if everyone in your club is complaining that the email list needs to be updated, but no one wants to do it... there’s your opportunity. Volunteer to fix the problem!


Tip #3

“I don’t have enough time...” I hear this often. Can you consider high-yield ways to make an impact and build your resume? Perhaps you can host a car wash or a bake sale to raise funds for a charity or other good cause. Making an impact and strengthening your resume is possible for busy people too!